Customer Success

                      As trusted advisors offering best practices and solutions, the Customer Success Management (CSM) team is the customer's central touch point, whose primary job is to manage the long-term health and success of each customer.

                      nCino Customer Success Management

                      Ensuring a customer’s success requires understanding and learning each customer's needs, as well as enabling them to achieve maximum value from the nCino Bank Operating System. The Success Team begins its customer relationship during the pilot program and the relationship never ends. Every customer is assigned an nCino Customer Success Manager (CSM), who nurtures the relationship by:

                      • Providing proactive support including updates on the latest product releases
                      • Offering best practices and suggestions to maximize the value of the Bank Operating System and achieve the institution's goals
                      • Partnering to improve on strengths, eliminate inefficiencies and maximize productivity
                      • Driving user adoption and ensuring user success
                      • Measuring ROI by analyzing progress on the platform and identifying short- and long-term goals during biannual executive business reviews
                      • Working closely with nCino Support to advise on business process needs and make necessary updates
                      • Empowering users to tap into the power of nCino through ongoing training
                      • Identifying areas of growth across new lines of business
                      • Serving as an nCino advocate and liaison between departments and roles within an institution
                      • Being the main point of contact at nCino for business process reengineering and change management
                      Checkpoint 1
                      Building success plan and performance review
                      Checkpoint 2
                      Analyze loan duration and lifecycle reports
                      Checkpoint 3
                      Evaluate use cases, metrics and user adoption
                      Checkpoint 4
                      Celebrate success and set new goals
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