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                      nCino's Retail Banking Solution

                      Deliver the Next Generation of Retail Banking

                      Intuitive onboarding and account opening
                      A complete, digital banking experience
                      Improve deposit and loan growth rates
                      Automate decisioning for loans

                      Customer expectations are continually shifting. With many e-commerce sites offering seamless digital experiences, customers expect their financial institution to offer the same efficient, digital and personalized service. As a part of nCino's powerful Bank Operating System, the Retail Banking Solution delivers a state-of-the-art digital banking experience that improves how bankers interact with their customers. From the customer's first interaction all the way through back office tasks, nCino brings both parties together on the same platform across all channels and devices. nCino's robust solution offers customer-focused onboarding, document management, account opening and retail lending with a coherent flow of information from the customer to the banker, whether in the branch, at home or online 24/7. With nCino's technology, bankers can anticipate the needs of customers and provide a frictionless user experience.

                      A One-of-a-Kind Digital Experience for Bankers and Customers

                      Customer Onboarding

                      Provides a step-by-step, customizable process for adding new commercial and retail customers to the nCino Bank Operating System.

                      Deposit Account Opening

                      Allows businesses and consumers to fully open accounts online whenever, wherever, and on any digital device.

                      Retail Lending

                      Originate and service loans through a personalized mobile-enabled platform to streamline the entire retail operating process, constructed to meet the unique needs of the financial institution.

                      Document Management

                      A configurable, integrated document repository allowing instant access to any document, incorporating any institution's policies.

                      KYC & Customer Due Diligence

                      Easily and compliantly gather new customer profile information, needs-assessment scenarios and verified relationship identities.

                      Identity Verification

                      Trusted, low-touch fraud prevention to confirm identities of loan and account opening applicants.

                      Automated Decisioning

                      A highly adaptive solution to run loan analyses using customer, business and third-party data to facilitate real-time decisions.

                      Online Applications

                      Enables financial institutions to establish and configure applications embedded with questionnaires to be completed online by customers and/or employees.

                      Workflow & CRM

                      Robust platform with ability to capture web leads, track applicant's progress and crease cross- and up-sell opportunities.

                      360-Degree View

                      By housing customer and loan information in one place, financial institutions have automatic access to business intelligence and a full range of reports.

                      Collateral Valuations

                      Quickly and effortlessly search for existing collateral or create new collateral across multiple loans and entities.

                      Customer Portal

                      A customer-facing solution allowing bankers and customers to interact directly in a single, secure digital space.

                      "The adoption of nCino's technology supports our efforts to offer our clients a responsive, digital and insightful experience."
                      Nathan Davis, executive vice president and head of innovation and IT risk management, Regions Financial Corporation

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